Expand your GM resources library with One-Page One-Shot Adventures from the One Page Mage!

A variety of modules are available to ensure you will always have material ready for the next session.

One-Page Wonders

Because the adventures fit on just One-Page, they’re easy to prep at the last minute!

Adaptable Content

Modules come with basic Locations and NPCs, but are very easy to adapt to your existing campaign, as sidequests or otherwise!

Virtual Table-Top Ready

Access available to dungeon layouts that are Gridded and pre-scaled for use with VTT platforms like Foundry and Roll20!

Plus More!

Get GM Supplements to support your game, including Rule Guides, Item Cards, Custom Monsters, and Random Encounter Tables!


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What’s New

  • Wally DM – Featured Puzzles
    Watch Here Wally DM, master of DnD/TTRPG puzzles and traps, presents and discusses two puzzles featured in “FR-8 Wizard Shynbrye’s Tower” (available for free)! Check out Wally DM on YouTube! Support Wally DM on Patreon! Follow Wally DM on Twitter! Remember, it really DOES help creators when you hit the like/subscribe buttons, so please do that! <3
  • Practical Heroes Podcast – NPC Inspiration
    Listen Here In the Immortals Episode 35 on the Practical Heroes podcast network, The Party encounters the One Page Mage as a shop keep! Enjoy this clever NPC idea, and hop into an excellent podcast campaign! More info:http://practicalheroes.com “Immortals”Ep 1 of over 30! “Vuuldonia By Starlight” Watch on Twitch!
  • Fan Art by Andrew Fillhart
    Links TwitterYouTubeInstagramAnchor.fm Andrew is an 8-bit Artist and YouTuber who exposes Challenge Ratings for D&D 5e monsters. Learn on his channel how accurate the CR is for your favorite creature!

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