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DS-1 Guide to Skill Challenges

BONUS CONTENT! Here is a free DM Supplement I have written about running Skill Challenges in 5th Edition. It includes suggest rules, tips, and a Sample Challenge to run.

I hope to do more supplements like this in the future, and this is one type of content that I may produce for higher-tier Patreon supporters. If you like this, please consider going over to and signing up to be notified when I’m live. You’ll only get the one email, no spam.

FR-2 Crypt of the Foul – Printer Friendly Version

I decided to test out the look of a more plain text format. I like the clean look, and it seems like a neat alternative to the usual DnD style. Should be more printer-friendly as well.

The export to PDF dropped some resolution, but I’m sure that can be fixed. Like it? Hate it? Check it out, and let me know what you think on twitter!

Image Version:

FR-2 Crypt of the Foul

Here is the second Free Release from One Page Mage!

“FR-2 Crypt of the Foul” is a Level 4 One-Shot adventure that focuses on a short dungeon crawl. It includes some more interesting loot than the last adventure, and some more options for exploring. PDF and VTT files will be available this week. Thanks for reading – I hope you enjoy!

FR-1 Into the Haunted Forest

FREE One-Page One-Shot!

Here it is! The first Free Release from One Page Mage!

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More info about the Adventure below the image!

Into the Haunted Forest is designed to be an introductory adventure for new DM’s and/or new players. It takes inspiration from the highly recommended Delian Tomb designed by Matt Colville: a few simple combat encounters with just enough flavor for the Dungeon Master to build a world onto.

Upon sign-up for Patreon Notification, the PDF and 4 VTT files will be available:
70px/square w/ Grid
70px/square No-Grid
100px/square w/ Grid
100px/square No-Grid
Note: 70px/square is recommended for Roll20 and 100px/square is recommended for Foundry.